Wood reconditioning FAQ
             What is wood reconditioning?

It is a process where we renew the woods original finish. We start by
removing the build-up (grease, dirt, wax and dust) from the original finish.  
We treat your cabinets with a special penetrating finish that restores the
beauty of the wood.
    Is reconditioning the right choice for me?

There are three signs your cabinets might need reconditioning: There is
stubborn build up on the wood, the stain or finish has worn away, and there is
minor damage to your cabinets. If the wood looks worn, but the cabinets don't
need to be replaced, reconditioning could be the right choice for your home.
       Is it messy and time consuming?

Reconditioning usually takes less than two days, which means you can
freshen up your kitchen in time for the holidays or for that last minute party.
      How affordable is reconditioning?

We will visit your home to examine your cabinetry and offer a free estimate.
Depending on the amount of work required you can figure on spending
about 10% of the cost of new cabinetry. Remember reconditioning cabinets
means you don't have to touch the floor covering, countertops, plumbing,
and walls and possibly ceilings.  Other wood surfaces which have lost their
beauty and luster can also be reconditioned with our environmentally friendly
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Before repair
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