What is cabinet refacing?

This creates a "new kitchen" look without the "new kitchen" price tag. Cabinet refacing is
the process of putting a new face on an existing set of cabinets. The process at minimum
involves removing all existing doors and drawer fronts and replacing them with new ones –
most often in a different style, wood species and/or color.  Refacing involves veneering the
existing cabinet frames and end panels to match the new doors and drawer fronts.
Cabinet Refacing FAQ
Is cabinet refacing messy and time consuming?

Most cabinet refacing jobs are completed in two to four working days. We clean the work
area everyday, giving you the use of your kitchen during the evening. Cabinets usually do
not need to be emptied while our staff is refacing your cabinetry. We will cover the floors
and countertops to protect them while the work is being completed.
How affordable is refacing?

If you are happy with the current function of the drawers and storage options the cost will
be around 40% of the cost of a new kitchen. Remember when you consider refacing
cabinets you don't have to change the floor covering, countertops, plumbing, walls and
possibly ceilings. We can completely change your cabinet style and color when you
choose to reface.
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