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Getting Started
4 things to do before a kitchen remodeling project
Sometimes the most important part of a kitchen remodel can be preparing for it. Before
the new countertops and cabinetry grace your kitchen, you'll want to know how to get
ready for what could be a major disruption. Here are four tips to help.
1. Plan for your meals. Determine which appliances will be out of commission. You'll likely have limited or no
access to your stove and oven, so you might want to consider moving the microwave and slow cooker to another
part of the house. If your refrigerator will need to be unplugged, plan your meals accordingly so you don't end up
wasting a lot of food. If you have a second refrigerator in the garage, move your food and use it until the project
is complete, or, you may want to consider buying a small one that you can use in the interim. Also, if you have a
backup freezer, take advantage of it. Invest in some paper plates and plastic utensils and cups; it will be a lot
easier than trying to wash dishes.

2. Grab a large plastic tote or tub and fill it with the must-have items you need from the kitchen.
Consider packing napkins, paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, items you'll need for the grill, pantry items like
cereal, bread, coffee, peanut butter and essential canned foods. You never know what you'll need while your
kitchen is under construction.

3. Stay in constant communication with the contractor. Know what to expect, such as which materials will be
arriving when and where they'll be temporarily placed. Establish a space for the contractor to store tools and

4. Be flexible. The process won't always go as smoothly as you envision. There's always the possibility of late
deliveries, bad weather and other bumps in the road. Prepare for these surprises. Budget in an extra 10 to 20
percent of the total cost. You never know what can go wrong and what you might want to add as things get under